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What's New
SPAM/Junk Email Filter

As a result of the increase in SPAM email in recent months, we have introduced a spam filter on our email systems and we hope that you will have noticed a marked decrease in the junk mail that you receive.

We hope that this measure will enable you to spend less time having to read junk mail and deleting it and spend more time using the internet and email for your business and pleasure.

SMS/Text Message Service

To give our clients an opportunity to try this new service, we are giving all our clients the opportunity to send 10 FREE messages to any mobile in the world.

Secretaries can send messages to their bosses wherever they are travelling, Husbands can SMS their wives to says they will be late, Parents can SMS their kids messages. Give your kids an account and let them send you messages from school at rates as cheap as 7.5p inc vat rather than the usual 10 - 12 p that the mobile networks charge.

Once you have registered by clicking on User Registration on the main RegisterMyDomain home page, merely click on the Send SMS Messages link in the main menu on the left hand side of our home page and enter your Username and Password and Send the SMS.

SMTP Relay Service

Simply buy this option to send your mail from anywhere in the world after changing your SMTP server settings in your Email Client (Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Netscape etc.) as smtp.registermydomain.com and then you never need to change this settings again no matter which ISP you use. So if you are in the UK and use Freeserve you can send your mail out via our SMTP servers and even if you go abroad, there is no need to make any changes in your email client if you connect with another ISP from abroad.

Also if you change your ISP in the UK, you never have to worry about changing SMTP server settings. It will always be smtp.registermydomain.com.

You will be given Username and Password through which your email Client will be authenticated to use our Fast & Reliable SMTP Server.

Buy it annually, quarterly or monthly. Whichever suits you. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call us on 0207 819 2329 or email us sales@registermydomain.com

Search Engine Submission

Once you have your website and webspace, if you do not promote it to the search engines like Google and Yahoo etc. your website will NEVER be found by anybody on the internet. We will promote it for you to 850,000+ search engines and links pages once a month for 12 months for a one-off fee of 99 + VAT. Our usual price is 149 + VAT but if you buy this service when you Register/Renew your domain, you will receive a 33% discount off our regular rate. Once you have paid for it, all you need to do is get your website designed and then activate* Search Engine Submission through Control Panel and we will start promoting your website and this can be started within a few days.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 0207 819 2329 or email us sales@registermydomain.com

* Your activation date indicates the start date of your Search Engine Submission (You can activate your Search Engine Submission while Registration/Renewal of your Domain).

Latest Virus News

Simply click here to get the latest virus news from Sophos. This page will tell you the new hoax viruses, the real ones and just about everything else you need to know about viruses.

Click here to find out about the new Domain Name Extensions