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Products and Services


* Web/URL Forwarding
* UNLIMITED Email Forwarding
* Catch-all Email Forwarding
* Domain Management Control Panel
* DNS Administration
* UNLIMITED 3rd level domain names
* POP/IMAP Access for Email Accounts
* ASP, Perl/CGI & PHP Support for Hosted Domains
* FormMail Support for Hosted Domains
* FrontPage extensions for NT/2000 Hosted Domains
* 24 hrs Unlimited FTP Access for Hosted Domains
* Website Reports and Statistics(Updated Daily)
* Domain Parking
* SPAM/Junk Email Filter  
* Domain Registration/Renewal
* Web Hosting NT/Linux (Shared or Dedicated)
* Database(MSSQL/MS Access/MYSQL) Support
* Web Design/Development/Programming
* Search Engine Submission     More Info
* Server Colocation
* Email Solutions
* Webmail Solutions
* SMTP Relay Service     More Info    Buy
* SMS/Text Message Service     More Info   

Contact Us to find out more:

  Telephone: 0207 819 2329
            Fax: 0203 393 1334
         Email: sales@registermydomain.com

# With every Domain you register with us.
* Automated Customer Signup
* Automated Domain Registration/Renewal
* Secure Credit Card Payment
* Email Invoicing
* Fully Automated Setup
* Flexible End User Interface
* Fast & Reliable Servers
* Fast & Responsive Support
* Redundant Network Connection
* Unlimited Monthly Traffic
* Regular Backup
* Manage all your Domains under Control Panel

* Windows 2000/NT and Linux Hosting
* Shared or Dedicated Hosting
* Database hosting (MySQL, MS SQL and ODBC)
* Perl, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion
* Fast and Reliable WebMail
* Streaming Media Hosting
* Authenticated SMTP Relay Service
* 24 hrs Unlimited FTP access
* CGI-BIN Access

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