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SMS Message Service

Now you can send SMS messages to any mobile in the world from our website.

Click here to Send SMS

Secretaries can send messages to their bosses wherever they are travelling, Husbands can SMS their wives to say they will be late, Parents can SMS their kids messages. Give your kids an account and let them send you messages from school at rates as cheap as 7.5p inc vat rather than the usual 10 - 12 p that the mobile networks charge. Anyone can use the service so long as they register as a user and buy SMS credit points.

If you are a registered user of our website and have bought SMS credit points, just click here to Send SMS/text messages. You will be taken to the login page for your control panel. Merely enter your username and password and you will then see at the bottom of the Control Panel page the following:

Click on Send SMS to send a text message to any mobile telephone in the world. You will see a page that looks like this:

To add SMS credits to your account Buy SMS Credit Points from your control panel. Just select how many credits you want on your account e.g. 50 credits = 4.00 + vat and that gives you 50 messages to send. Then just follow through to our secure credit card payment page and your account will be automatically credited with however many credits you have purchased.

TIPS for sending messages to mobiles.

If you are sending to foreign mobiles, you need to enter the Country code, and then the mobile number. E.g. to an American mobile your enter 001 305 595 6000.

If you are sending an SMS/text message to a uk mobile which is with someone abroad, just type in the number as if you were calling them in the UK, e.g. 0797 106 8754

Fed up with your ISP? Click here to find out more.